In the news: "DeSyRe for extremely reliable ultra low-power systems" in HiPEAC info 30

April 2012 - The quarterly HiPEAC info places DeSyRe in the spotlight with the article "DeSyRe for extremely reliable ultra low-power systems".

For pacemakers and other implantable medical devices three are the key factors: extreme reliability, small size, and long longevity. In the EU project DeSyRe, researchers tackle these issues with a new approach: building a reliable system on unreliable components.

To counter the increasing fault-rates expected in the next technology generations, DeSyRe develops new design techniques for future Systems-on-Chips to improve reliability while at the same time reducing power and performance overheads associated with fault-tolerance. Read the full article HiPEAC info 30, page 14...