C. Strydis speaks on 'FP7 DeSyRe Project' during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week

Ghent, Belgium - October 17 2012- Christos Strydis (Neurasmus BV, The Netherlands) speaks on 'FP7 Desyre Project' in a session on "The intertwining challenges of reliability, testing and verification" during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week, on Monday, October 15 at 11:00.

The on-Demand System Reliability (DeSyRe) project aims at building new, more efficient, adaptive fault-tolerant SoCs delivering a new generation of by design, on-demand reliable systems. Compared to existing approaches, the main DeSyRe objective is to reduce the power and performance overheads of fault-tolerance by 10-20%, as well as to improve yield by decreasing the number of defective chips by 10-40%. The above will be achieved through the design of fault-tolerant systems built out of unreliable components, rather than through aiming at totally fault-free chips. DeSyRe systems will be on-demand adaptive to various types and densities of faults, as well as to other system constraints and application requirements. For leveraging on-demand adaptation/customization and reliability at reduced cost, a new dynamically reconfigurable substrate will be designed and combined with runtime system software support. The DeSyRe concepts are currently being developed on two proof-of-concept, novel, medical MP-SoCs with high reliability constraints and diverse performance and power requirements; an artificial-cerebellum SoC and an artificial-pancreas SoC.

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